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Blown-away by Amazing workshop

I was blown away by Dr Raman’s online webinar on writing and publishing a book. His ideas and methods challenge the general notion of book writing. This totally resonated with me. As an author of 18+ books, Dr. Raman shared top secrets from his book writing philosophy to tools. What differentiates him is both breadth and depth in knowledge. His presentation was not only rich in valuable information and insights, but also inspiration and motivation!

Dr Lakshmi Ramachandran
Dr Lakshmi Ramachandran, Senior Program Manager & Keynote Speaker
NUS-DUKE Medical School Singapore

It was an Informative Session

“Raman’s session was extremely valuable and informative. Raman is a prolific author and a multifaceted professional (scientist, corporate leader, thought leader, and so on – to name a few). This session had a lot of very specific and useful takeaways for aspiring authors. It is proof of Raman’s love of learning that he has taken the time to share his expertise freely with others.”

Sriman Venketesan
Sriman Venketesan, Senior Learning Manager
Xilinx Corp, Singapore.

Showed Exact Recipe to Write a Book

“Dr Raman gave us a truly insightful and engaging session on how to write and publish a book. Not only did he share with the audience “what” you need to do, he showed us “how” to do. Possibly the most valuable conference session I have participated in. Thank you Raman.”

Ian Maxwell
Ian Maxwell, CEO and Founder

A Thoughtful Training session

“Dr. Attri delivered a thoughtful, insightful, enjoyable and practical sharing session on writing your first book.”

Peter Morgan
Peter Morgan, Crisis Management Expert
Hong Kong

You Instil Hope and Courage

“I had the pleasure to hear Dr. Raman K Attri speak a couple of times. I find him very authentic, genuine and not only is he able to engage the audience with his stories, he is able to instil hope and courage that made me and I’m sure the others, leaving more positive in life and in what they can do!”

Ruth Saw
Ruth Saw
International Bestselling Author

Profoundly Impacted Professional Mindsets

Raman is a dynamic speaker who packages his passion and expertise on a subject matter brilliantly to engage the audience. His presentation style is authentic and relatable balanced with deep insights and thought-provoking knowledge. He is able to craft his speech in a manner that will profoundly impact professional mindsets and lives.

Dr Nisha ABM
Dr Nisha ABM, Founder & Principal Consultant,
World Women Tourism, Singapore

Sincerity in sharing knowledge

Dr. Raman really took time to explain. You can feel his sincerity in sharing his knowledge and even write a personal message to me to make sure he answered my questions that I asked during the session. I really value and appreciate his passion to help others through his knowledge.

Ryana Yusoff
Ryana Yusoff, Life Coach and Founder
Own Your Breath, Singapore

You are a Role model in L&D Industry

You have provided a blueprint (road map) of critical success factors that L&D professionals can readily follow to achieve prosperity and longevity and demonstrate differentiation, in an ultra-competitive and somewhat saturated global L&D industry. Thank you for being a trail blazer, role model and beacon of light in a noisy and cluttered L&D industry. You are a credit to, an asset of and a worthy ambassador of the global L&D community. You, Sir, are indeed a Titan of Training.

Dr Charles Cotter, Global Blended Learning L&D Strategist
Dr Charles Cotter & Business Associates, South Africa

Gave me a Liberating Feeling

It’s [the book writing session] fantastic because I was actually overwhelmed, with ideas related to my expertise and what I want to be, what I want to share [from] personal experience. And I think that fact that we can write about the multidimensional aspects of our existence- it’s like suddenly liberating and I’m able to just list down my topics, and I think it will help me move forward with my best foot forward now. Thank you.

Dr Lakshmi Ramachandran
Dr Lakshmi Ramachandran, Senior Program Manager & Keynote Speaker
NUS-DUKE Medical School, Singapore

You Told Us How to Do It

A lot of people tell us what to do. And if you think about [it] what you’ve learned in Speakers Institute and things like that, they tell you what to do a lot of the time. You’ve just told us how to do it. That’s way more valuable. I’ve learned an immense amount. Thank you very much.

Ian Maxwell
Ian Maxwell, CEO and Founder

Mind-blowing Training Session

It really shifts the way I think now, in a very short while that hearing from you. It’s like [an] iteration process [which] I can relate to that very much. And suddenly the burden, the feeling of overwhelm is slowly dissipating, actually. So thank you very much. I just want to say that this [training session] is mind-blowing. From the beginning, the philosophy [your shared] really changed the way I see book writing.

Shrifah Alqudsy
Sharifah R Alqudsy, Executive Leadership Coach

Blown away by the training session

[I am] just blown away. I think you’ve answered a lot of my questions. It was A to Z of how to do this [bok development and writing]. But some really, really good practical tips involved. You kind of changed my whole concept of a book. Because for me the books got to be comprehensive. It’s got to have everything. Particularly, mine’s a totally unique topic, which is synchronicity. And I’m the only person in the world who has done a Ph.D. So my whole approach is, it’s got to be the best, it’s got to contain everything. Your line [that] I got seven books out of my Ph.D. – I think [that] is my biggest takeaway. I really can’t thank you enough for me. It was superb!!

Dr Philip Merry
Dr Philip Merry, Founder and CEO and World Synchronicity Leader

Helped me understand my struggles

This [training session] is so good, Raman. You just hit the nail. My book at the moment is bringing my Ph.D. into a book. I’m the only person in the world with this particular expertise. And so I think I’m struggling because it is my dream book. And you just helped me a great deal with that. So now I understand why I’m struggling. Very, very useful Roman. Thank you so much.

Dr Philip Merry
Dr Philip Merry, Founder and CEO and World Synchronicity Leader

Talk was full of Golden Nuggets

Dr. Attri contributed to the success of our virtual summit, Worlds of Learning 2020, by sharing his unique insight from his research. He interviewed 85 organizational leaders and arrived at illuminating results about designing online learning that encourages social learning and faster skill acquisition during online learning experiences. His talk was full of golden nuggets on creating optimized learning paths for practical organizational training.


Panos Siozos
Panos Siozos, Co-Founder and CEO

You break the cast around people’s minds

I love what you did with that [your speech] Raman. I think it was powerful and I love how you made your liability your asset. And positioned it in a way that other people can look at it and get value from it. Thank you so much for the work that you are doing. And for helping people to break the ‘cast around their minds’. And soar to new rights. And change the planet to be a better place.  The world is a better place because you are born. Thank you very much, my brother.

What Les Brown says about Dr Raman K Attri
Les Brown

Perfect book for an Education Challenge

I enjoyed this work [Models of Skill Acquisition and Expertise Development by Dr. Raman K Attri]. I myself am trying to help laypeople develop their expertise for my Joseph Klunder Education Challenge. This will be one of the books included. I also have written an article called “Daily Deliberate Practice Versus Massed Deliberate Practice for Expertise Development”. As I do more research, I want to integrate more information from this author.

Joseph Klunder
Author and International Educationalist

Gave the participants great insights at ATD Summit

We would like to thank you for your contribution at the ATD Southeast Asia Summit on 2 – 3 March 2021. The summit was a milestone for ATD, reaching out to participants from Southeast Asia and beyond. From the 2 days, we welcomed over 200 participants from Australia, China, Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Thailand.  You definitely gave the participants some great insights, and they will have walked away with learning points which they can start implementing at their work.

Faith Cheong

I was awestruck!

I met Dr Raman Attri through a program by HRFC and SOA. I was awestruck by the wealth of knowledge he possessed and was yet he was so approachable and had a simple outlook to life. In my experience he was a patient listener and gave me a 360 degree view of what I wanted to achieve. He gave me space to deliver, did minimal micro-management but followed up at logical points to see if I needed any support. The icing on the cake was his advice around a holistic development in addition to the specific assignment on which I was seeking his inputs. I found Dr Raman very balanced, empathetic and all those aspects which I thought should be there in a true mentor. Thank you Dr Raman.

Abhinandan Mookherjee

He will leave you and your teams Enthralled!!

“It’s an absolute privilege to have met, interacted and connected with Dr. Raman. For me he is a multifaceted personality and humility personified. He is a sharp mind and has great ability to synthesize loads of information and provide quick insights instantaneously. I see him as a genuine human being always wanting to help and support others in their life journeys. He has experience of many proven methods of making the process of reading, writing and grasping information quick and easy. I recommend Raman to anyone looking for a thought leader, keynote speaker, coach and a guide. HE will leave you and your teams Enthralled!!”

Srikanth ND testimonial
Srikanth ND
Director, Grant Thorton India

Insightful podcast conversation

Dr Raman is one of those extremely knowledgeable, accessible yet humble people who make a podcast conversation insightful and engaging. His years of academic and corporate experience in science, technology and training made for a great conversation around Tech based Learning at Such Conversations Matter! Dr Raman is an inspiration and a thought leader in the field. Looking forward to our next conversation 🙂

Saurabh Nanda