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We are reaching out to accomplished practitioners, researchers, consultants or managers working in the niche area of accelerating proficiency/performance/expertise.

  • Have you created a case study or success story during your practice that received remarkable results in accelerating ‘time to proficiency’ (or productivity, performance, competence or expertise)?
  • Do you have a tested and proven methodology that you think works well in accelerating speed to proficiency?
  • Do you have a white-paper, report or write-up which you wish to make reaching to the right audience?

If you said yes to any of the above, showcase your achievements today!!!

S2Pro© is building a one-stop database of authentic, business case studies from practitioners, business leaders and researchers.  The case studies/success stories must relate explicitly (beyond inference) to business goal of one or more of accelerating proficiency, reducing time to proficiency, shorten time to readiness, increasing speed to proficiency, accelerating performance, speeding up full productivity, improving onboarding, or accelerating expertise of workforce.  Note that shortening time to training is not a business goal that these case studies should address.

Case Study Template/Guidelines

We do not necessarily enforce any template for submitting the case studies. However, we appreciate the case study/success story be furnished as a Six Sigma DMAIC project structure which includes 5 core elements: define, measure, analyze, implement and control. The case study/business story should be a description of a bounded project structured (a clearly defined start and clearly defined end) around these five core elements which essentially describe a story in any improvement oriented project.

DMAIC project improvement template


Here are detailed pointers that can help you put together a rich case study/success story with good potential to guide practitioners, researchers and business leaders:

(1) business challenge or problem of time to proficiency to be solved:

  • Background of the organization including industry sector and nature of the business
  • Nature of work/job/assignment of the employee group targeted
  • Composition/experience/level of target employees
  • Type of skills or knowledge involved in performing the said job/assignment
  • The complexity level of skills of the targeted employee group (and why)
  • Definition of proficiency of target employee group
  • Metrics used to measure proficiency and methods used for measuring
  • The baseline value of time to proficiency (or any such similar parameter)
  • Level of competency/proficiency/expertise expected from the targeted employee group qualitative or quantitative)
  • Business goal of the project and why it relates to reducing time to proficiency or accelerating performance
  • Importance of business goal in the selected project

(2) description of the previous solution in place (if any) to reduce time to proficiency and previous results (business metrics):

  • The old model (if any)
  • Details of model, strategies, structure to give an idea of what it was before

 (3) issues or challenges with the previous solution and root cause of the problem:

  • Challenges associated with the previous model (if any)
  • What did not work and why (root cause/factors)

(4) description of the new solutions or strategies implemented to reduce time to proficiency:

  • new model, structure, strategies put in place
  • Implementation details
  • Segregation of training and non-training solutions
  • Factors influencing the selection of methods/strategies
  • Criteria or reason for a particular mode of implementation
  • Guiding principle, philosophy, premise, or belief
  • Unique strategies implemented differently from traditional approaches
  • what made it work
  • transferability to other contexts, settings, and projects

(5) the results in terms of reduction in time-to-proficiency (quantitative, qualitative or anecdotal results):

  • The effectiveness of new solutions in terms of selected metrics
  • Revised time to proficiency or equivalent metrics
  • Net reduction or improvement in selected metrics
  • Business gains and benefits of above results

Summary: Include two line elevated pitch/sales pitch of how organizations can reduce time to proficiency (or improve equivalent performance metrics) including statements on approach, method, strategy or model.

Things to keep in mind before submission

The case study/success story should be focused on solving a business problem – should start with a problem statement and end with the effectiveness of the proposed solution.

Case study/success story should be in crisp, clear, business language narrative. The submitted narratives will be edited by S2Pro© for consistency, comparison and focus.

Case study/success story should be written with the purpose of sharing the best practices and proven strategies in a systematic fashion. It should be prepared with sufficient details mainly for business leaders,  practitioners, performance consultants, learning designers, and researchers.

A case study should include sufficient details about organization location, size, nature of the business, nature of job roles involved and other contextual elements to enrich the story. For any legitimate purposes, actual names, designations or any identifying information may be removed, if needed.

For fully disclosed details, appropriate permission from client, organization or business head must be sought before submitting the case study. The case study/success story must be free from any legal claims or inaccurate information subject to debate or challenge by anyone. Any copyrighted or intellectual property information must not be included in the case study. Once submitted and published on S2Pro©, the case study will become a public document accessible to everyone.

Download Case Study/Success Story Template

For your convenience, download the MSWord template which you can fill and send it through submission form down below: Download S2Pro© Case Study Success Story Template.

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