Story behind S2Pro© Research

Story Behind S2Pro© Research

About S2Pro© Research

S2Pro© Speed To Proficiency Research is a corporate research initiative established with a goal to provide authentic research-based and practice-driven guidance/consulting to business practitioners and leaders to enable individual as well as workforce readiness in the organizations at the ‘speed of business’. We exclusively work on the challenges and problems related to accelerated performance, accelerated proficiency and accelerated expertise in individual and organizational context. Our proficiency eco-system answers three questions: How can you as a leader accelerate performance of your team and shorten time to proficiency of workforce? How can your employees become proficient in complex skills at a faster rate? How can you speed up your own professional performance?  We are focused only on “how to methods” derived from experience-based and practice-based observations, analysis/synthesis of existing research, or based on planned/focused research studies conducted by S2Pro© or its network of researchers.   

Our work intends to enable organizations and professionals with several unique benefits such as faster readiness of workforce in handling business challenges, shorter time to market of products or services, improved customer satisfaction, competitive edge in the business and increased savings and revenues among other benefits. 

S2Pro© Research initiative is a brainchild of Raman K. Attri, a learning strategist, strategy researcher, business manager and management consultant. The idea was born out of his extensive past and recent business research spanned over a period of 20 years in various settings, addressing elements of speed and time in acquiring complex skills faster, hastening professional performance and reducing time to proficiency of the workforce. The name “Speed To Proficiency” is inspired by the title and focus of his recent doctorate research.  Click here for more details about the founder:  Raman K. Attri.

Our Niche Outcomes

What we produce

What you get

Our Three Core Focus Areas

We support three core areas: (1) accelerated workforce proficiency, (2) accelerated complex learning, (3) accelerated professional performance We specialize in methods to accelerate time and speed elements of professional and organizational performance. We have a suite of proven models developed through years of systematic curation, analysis, and synthesis. These models are drawn from leading scholarly studies, business success stories, and interviews with industry specialists and presented in practitioners’ language . Most of the research is validated through consulting experience and proven results at real organizations.  We generate know-how based on proven success stories and case studies of methods used by leading corporations and we make its easy to implement such business strategies and practices.


proficiency eco-system for speed

How we do it?

Targeting and characterizing key performance challenges –  individual, team, professional, and organizational 

Analyzing best practices and methods from studies from a wide range of interrelated disciplines and conducting new high-value niche research studies

Synthesizing findings, cataloging and classifying the emergent best practices and situational knowledge

Validating and cross-checking of synthesized knowledge with business practices

Transforming synthesized knowledge into easy to use business practices, strategies, and models

Our Portfolio of Completed Research

In the past 20 years, we have performed several small-scale and large-scale research studies in natural settings. The most notable of them is our latest research on practices and strategies to reduce time to proficiency of workforce. Our research on complex learning, developed about a decade ago, is still evergreen in today’s complex business world that can help designers with efficient ways to design complex technical training programs. Also, based on personal experience and observations, we have developed something unique for professionals with which they can accelerate their personal and professional effectiveness as never before. 

S2Pro© Vision: Know-how @ speed of business

Through S2Pro© Research forum, we provide industry, business and professionals with a unique model of know-how development, sharing, distribution and dissemination.  We are in process of hashing more details on how research can be conducted to solve complex and larger-than-life organizational business problems through a unique distributed network of academic researchers, practitioners, consultants, budding researchers/students and other industry alliances. We plan to institute a micro-learning based development, sharing and distribution of such know-how at the speed of business. Coupled with a unique crowd-sourced knowledge capture system, validated by worldwide experts, this mechanism would provide instant, fresh and relevant knowledge to practitioners which will never go out of date. 


A unique model of networked research conducted through distributed teams of students, researchers, consultants and practitioners working on series of connected projects aiming to solve larger-than-life organizational problems.  Developed, shared and distributed with a micro-learning system to provide fresh and relevant know-how at the speed  of business. 


Annual global performance summits in focused on the niche business goal of accelerating proficiency with leading thought leaders and speakers. The summits will engage leading  hands-on specialists, as opposed to generalists,  to share “how to methods” backed by research, data, evidence and results.


A quarterly targeted, peer-reviewed, practice-based publication inviting research, case studies, best practices and use cases from a range of contexts. We envision best practices across the world being made available through a crowd-sourced knowledge generation, assimilation and validation system that eliminates lengthy peer-review process of traditional research.  Check here to know more about our initiative to collect best practices case studies/success stories on speed to proficiency. 


Dedicated training and learning interventions build through powerful proficiency-based training methodology, delivered through multiple channels, conducted by experienced specialists on accelerated proficiency, providing  managers, practitioners and individuals with “how-to skills” and techniques to solve critical performance, effectiveness, efficiency and improvement challenges. 


A niche league of thought leaders, specialists, practitioners and researchers with proven specific experience and successes in leading projects, research or consulting assignments towards accelerating performance, proficiency and expertise. The league will act as globally distributed teams working on different aspects of accelerated performance. Click here to know more about our initiative of setting up the league of experts


A range of free learning resources on methods used by organizations and practitioners to solve or handle the business challenges of increasing speed to proficiency. The resources include case studies on proven best practices, guides and e-books, industry reports on trends, and organized library of articles sourced all over the internet to bring you up to speed. Click here to see our work in progress to build free resources.

Read Our Research-based Articles

Accelerated Workforce Proficiency

Research-based proven strategies and solutions to shorten time to proficiency of workforce in organizations.

Accelerated Complex Learning

Strategic frameworks to accelerate expertise in skills involving highly complex troubleshooting and problem-solving.

Accelerated Professional Performance

Experience-based techniques for individuals to attain peak professional performance at an accelerated rate.

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