Speed To Proficiency: S2Pro© Research and Consulting

Speed To Proficiency: S2Pro© Research, a research and consulting endeavor founded by Raman K. Attri, is engaged in transforming findings from proven research studies on learning, training, performance, and expertise into practices to accelerate time-to-proficiency of organizations and professionals. S2Pro© Research strives to find the answer to ‘speed’ by systematically assimilating, analyzing and synthesizing the proven research studies from a wide range of disciplines.  For organizations, S2Pro© Research assimilates rigorously researched strategies and practices to reduce time to proficiency and accelerate the proficiency of workforce at the workplace. For training and learning executives,  this blog offers break-through competitive methodologies to develop higher-order problem-solving and troubleshooting skills of the workforce in complex technical areas. For professionals, this forum provides research-based techniques, called Personal Resonance©, to achieve peak performance and proficiency in a shorter time.

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