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June 4, 7pm – 8.30pm SGT (Singapore)

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Deciding Doctorate Path

Are you actively considering to take up a Doctorate or PhD degree while being in business or corporate sector? But have not gotten enough guidance to decide to move forward or not?

We live in an “expertise-economy”. The business is now so knowledge-driven and expertise-centered that everyone needs a competitive edge or x-factor to progress further in career. A doctorate or PhD credential is seen to give someone that differentiation of expertise, specialization, and authority. However, this is not a simple decision and time commitment is so long that it requires a great amount of deliberation and quality guidance to decide the same.

Well, this session will you questions answered from a business professional. This is a formal Q&A session, Dr Raman K. Attri , a holder of two doctorates and a corporate manager, learning leader and a business researcher, will guide managers, leaders, professionals, and practitioners or other corporate folks about various aspects of the entire journey of taking up a Doctorate/PhD degree programs.

In this “ask me anything” session, Dr Raman will share his personal experience of earning two doctorates. While session is informal, it intends to answers some of the questions like:

  • Is taking up Doctorate/PhD right for your career?
  • Are there unique advantages and x-factors or competitive edge in corporate career?
  • Is there a value for life, career or otherwise?
  • Is it worth taking grueling path?
  • In what circumstances it is the right decision and in what circumstances not?
  • What challenges or pitfalls potentially one can face?
  • What can potentially block my progress?
  • Am I ready for the challenges?
  • How much time and energy commitment?
  • What tools, resources, leanings from my current job or professional can I leverage?
  • Can I seek help?
  • What skills, tools and mindsets are required?


This session is for corporate practitioners, leaders, professionals, consultants, and managers who are interested in taking up a PhD or DBA or equivalent professional doctorate degree in management, business or allied disciplines alongside their mainstream day job.

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