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Over the last 5-7 years we have devoted in curating a range of articles, posts, blogs, videos, links and reading material on specific/niche topics of speed to proficiency, accelerated expertise, accelerated performance, rapid skill acquisition, personal effectiveness, personal performance, accelerated learning, learning and training techniques, performance improvement and other allied areas closer to our mainstream interest.  Being research forum by nature, we constantly use several search and content curation tools to locate useful articles on these subjects. We try our best (within the limitation of a platform) to categorize the articles, tag it appropriately, organize then in themes and post it to popular social media communities to drive focused conversations, investigations and questions. We are making our handwork available for practitioners, leaders, researchers, students and professionals through this forum.


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Offering over 2000 articles related to Speed To Proficiency and Accelerated Performance, in beautiful magazine layout, curated systematically over several years in specific niche areas. 

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  • How to learn better
  • How to become an expert?
  • How to improve performance?
  • Why the need for speed?
  • How to accelerate learning?
  • How to accelerate performance?
  • How to accelerate proficiency and expertise?



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Our tweets are not just general tweets. Our tweets do not sell anything and do not deflect from our mainstream specialization on speed to proficiency. These highly specialized, focused tweets of articles, videos and sharing we have cataloged over the years of search, reading, research and assimilation. Retweet them today and keep the discussion going for your brand.

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  • How to learn better?
  • How to study better and remember more?
  • How to become an expert?
  • How to improve performance?
  • How to accelerate learning?
  • How to accelerate performance?

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  • How to accelerate learning?
  • How to accelerate performance?
  • How to accelerate proficiency?

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