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Case Studies on Best Practices by Practitioners

Library of best practices case studies contributed by leading business practitioners

We are in process a process of building one-stop database of case studies / success stories from all around the globe specifically on the topics of accelerating speed to proficiency, reducing time to proficiency, accelerating proficiency, hastening skill acquisition, speeding up full productivity and increasing pace to readiness, improving on-boarding time, or accelerating expertise of workforce among similarly sounded topics. These case studies/success stories relate explicitly (beyond inference) to business goal of bringing workforce up to speed in a shorter time.

The goal of building a central database of such case studies is to provide a well-rounded information and education to business managers, learning specialists and workforce performance consultants on best practices employed in moist successful cases towards accelerating time to proficiency of workforce.


Process of submission

We have provided detailed instructions to submit the case studies. Visit our page on “submitting case study or success story on accelerating speed to proficiency” here.  

We are looking for authentic case studies/success stories by real practitioners, researchers and learning specialists. We are very selective in choosing the case studies that fit our themes and focus of this forum. Essentially, this forum will publish only those case studies where proven results were obtained, evidenced by measurements and validated by reasonable means. Some of the case studies may have been published in magazines, blogs or corporate website which may qualify to republish provided those have evergreen appeal as opposed to limited-time product use case or trendy buzz words.   

Be the part of this one-stop database today!!!

We are few days away from revealing the database


Process of review and publication

Currently we are collecting, analyzing and organizing the case studies and best practices from leading practitioners, project managers, thought leaders, researchers and industry specialists. 

The submitted case studies go through several checks such as:

  • Rigorous checking and proof reading
  • Authentication of information
  • Ensuring that facts are right
  • Re-writing certain sections of story to make it relevant to larger
  • intellectual property checks and potential legal claims
  • Removal of identifying information where necessary
  • Taxonomy, tagging, classification and organization
  • Review by select learning experts and industry specialists

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