Speed to Proficiency in Organizations

Speed To Proficiency in Organizations

Research Report by Dr Raman K Attri

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Speed To Proficiency in Organizations
Model, Practices and Strategies to Shorten Time To Proficiency

This ground-breaking research report enables you to get unprecedented benefits in your business and in getting a competitive edge as a manager, practitioner or consultant. This research report brings you practical information on  ‘S2Pro© speed to proficiency model’ in a practitioner’s language without academic jargons.

Credible, authentic and reliable  research study conducted at a prestigious university in Australia by an experienced researcher

Highly relevant and practice-oriented findings, enriched with implementation recommendations for practitioners.

Implement the findings in your context easily, reduce time to proficiency of your employees drastically and save dollars.

Developed through five years of extensive doctorate research at SCU Australia, the research report from this practice-based research provides organizations and practitioners with a credible and detailed framework to implement Speed To Proficiency Model [S2Pro©].

Collective wisdom of 85 experts & thought leaders with proven project experience in reducing time to proficiency. 

Proven 6 business practices and 24 strategies found to  successfully accelerate the workforce proficiency.

Universal laws of accelerated performance to reduce time to proficiency by up to 80% by over 50 leading organizations.

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Speed To Proficiency in Organizations – Free Research Report

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Read a one-page synopsis of major findings from this research study and main features of S2Pro Model of Speed To Proficiency.

Click here to know more about the model

Meet the researcher: Raman K. Attri 

In-depth understanding: S2Pro© Model of Speed To Proficiency 

Get up to date on my initiative: S2Pro© Research Forum

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