ProBT© instructional design for complex problem solving and troubleshooting skills

Proficiency-Based Training: ProBT© for Complex Problem-Solving Skills

About ProBT© Training Methodology

Challenges with learning design models

When it comes to jobs involving complex skills like decision making, critical thinking, problem-solving, troubleshooting among others, simply skill acquisition is not enough. Simply training is not enough. Simply few scenarios are not enough. To develop proficiency at an accelerated rate in real-world complex skills, game plan has to be different. 

Most traditional instructional design and delivery are too focused on skill development and highly focus on performance during training as opposed to realistic requirement of organizations to produce well-rounded workforce which can operate in number of contexts and deliver to the requirements of a job. Methodologies around numerous buzz words do not equip organizations with a end-to-end holistic way to develop proficient workforce in complex skills.  

The value of Proficiency-Based Training [ProBT©] approach

That’s where Proficiency-Based Training [ProBT©] approach revolutionizes the thinking towards setting up a total proficiency ecosystem, not just design/development of training. ProBT© offers breakthrough visual tools to plan the appropriate solutions to provide learners with in-depth knowledge to handle multitude of complex scenarios at their jobs. 

ProBT© methodology provides learning designers with a highly structured, start-to-end, integrated instructional design/delivery process to impart all-rounded skills in solving complex business problems and troubleshooting tough technical problems. It offers a suite of methods for unparalleled analysis of proficiency (not competencies) required to do a job and build total support eco-system including components like learning sequences, scenario-based training design, performance support tools, mentoring and on-the-job learning, documentation, certification paths, knowledge delivery solutions, on-the-job metrics and continuous monitoring. End result is not only it builds proficiency but also drastically accelerates the rate of proficiency in in any complex technical or business skill.

Is ProBT© for me?

Yes, absolutely. This revolutionary approach is applicable to any complex business, technical or medical field. It provides results in a range of professions and jobs involving several different level of complexities.  

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