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Resonance© System: Speed Up Professional Performance

About Resonance© system

Resonance© system was developed by Raman K. Attri over 20 years of personal observations, experimentation, experiences and reflections while struggling with his own physical limitations, disability and roadblocks within difficult situations surrounding him at home, school and workplace. Trained as engineer and experienced as scientist, he systematically analyzed issues, understood patterns, compared trajectories, assessed outcomes, simulated turning points & decisions and tested the methods over and over again which he employed throughout the professional career and has came to an insightful understanding of how professionals can gear their paths to professional effectiveness at an accelerated rate.  

The mystery function that influence time to performance

Traditionally professional performance is seen as function of learning which in turn in itself is considered as function of skills, knowledge, attitude and time. However, using learning as the only function leads to quite optimal performance in most individuals and leads to maximum performance in some individuals.  Resonance system is based on the premise that there is another “mystery” function operating altogether on a different axis that influences and controls not only level of optimal and maximum performance an individual can produce but it also influences the speed with which this level of performance can be achieved. 

Full understanding of personal and professional eco-system

Emphasizing on two different personality profiles that invariably exist in every human, this system allows professionals to understand their best bets, assess the career trajectories and discover what they truly passionate about and what their truly capable of doing. The Resonance© system provides full understanding of their personal and professional eco-system within which they operate and then putting an action plan to take control of their eco-system. 

State of resonance

The result is a creation of a zone of resonance that unravel tremendous possibilities with any human to not only steeply increase the performance beyond optimal performance but also breaks the barrier to so called “maximum possible performance” to a new level of peak performance which otherwise may not be realizable. 

Resonance© system brings forward this point of “breakthrough” where personal strengths of a person aligns and resonate with his professional strengths, leading to “amplified amplitude” of professional effectiveness and faster time to peak performance.This system acts as discovery system as well as decision making system to allow professionals who struggle to position themselves in a right career or struggle to be effective in their chosen career. 


Resonance© System Speed Up Professional Performance

Systematic scientific techniques

Resonance© system is not any other leadership or personal effectiveness theory. Rather it brings a set of “engineered” tools and techniques developed from experience and research. The system offers a range of analytic and assessment tools/templates to analyze one’s personal and professional eco-system, locate opportunities for best performance, align personal and professional trajectories, and create a zone of resonance to attain desired peak performance in a shorter time.



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