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The league of thought leaders

There are seemingly handful experts who have proven experience on accelerating time or speed in performance equations.  We strive to form a league of such specialists, thought leaders and professionals who have specific experience in leading projects, research, consulting for accelerating the performance of individuals, professionals and organizations.  Fundamentally, the league will act as the globally distributed teams working on different aspects of accelerated performance. The league would not be any networking forum or membership-based forum. Rather it is envisioned to be a highly collaborative, boundary-less knowledge exchange among practitioners who are keen to advance the know-how on speed to proficiency for use by organizations.

While the concept is evolving, some of the major activities that league could get involved in are:

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Who is invited?


The league of experts on time and speed


Corporate Scientists

Tough business problems need a rigorous method, not to satisfy meaningless academic criteria but to make the research outcomes more pragmatic, more useful to the companies and actually solving a critical problem. Such problems are not hidden implicitly inside the academic literature. Rather business executives encounter these problems on daily basis and cannot wait to be resolved. Such large-impact problems need multiple, simultaneous and distributed team of critical thinkers, who can systematically analyze the data and experiment different options to resolve a given problem. S2Pro© intends to develop such distributed teams of practice-oriented corporate researchers working on different aspects of complex business problems related to workforce skill acquisition, workforce performance acceleration, accelerating productivity and speeding proficiency curve.

Are you such a corporate scientist involved in solutions to tough business problems related to ‘time’ and ‘speed’? If yes, join us and share your life learning today!!

Practice Leaders

The business practitioners are a treasure of knowledge, methods, best practices which do not see daylight unless and until such managers/leaders come out and present their learning to rest of the world. We realized that such practice leaders have an immense amount of practical  & workable solutions for tough business problems across the organizations. They are not researchers but the methods/solutions employed by them outshine anything suggested by research or literature of any kind and on top of that these methods already have proven undeniable business gains. Through this league, we intend to bring that precious knowledge and learning out to the world in form of highly practical/workable models, methods and solutions.

Are you such a business leader or consultant who has specific experience executing projects on speed to proficiency / time to proficiency? Showcase your case studies and best practices through this niche forum!!

Business Researchers

Are you a practice-oriented researcher who has conducted or planning to conduct applied research on accelerated proficiency or allied areas? if yes, then connect with us to discuss if we could provide you with a well-scoped research projects ideas in our niche areas. The research work can connect with other league members with highly qualified status to supervise such research projects.  The research outputs like publications and models can be co-owned by the researcher and the league depending upon nature of the research.

For budding business researchers from corporate or organizations with a research project already in progress and if you feel it has great synergy with our niche area, you may want to reach to us. We may have some good avenues for you. If you are working on preliminary research investigations or have some preliminary findings you want to share with the world, why not just contribute your research blog post or a research report through this forum today?

If above initiative appeals to you, express your interest right away with your credentials. And be the part of the wave. 

Expression of Interest to be part of the league of thought leaders and specialists

    YesNo I am interested to contribute some ideas about the league and would like a teleconference.

    Got a success story in accelerating time to proficiency of workforce?

    While we review your credentials and eligibility to be part of the league, why not visit our section and explore how you can submit your story to showcase at this niche site:  Submit your success story.


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