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Check out some of the free downloads and learn the secrets of speeding up learning, performance, mastery and skills. 

Breakthrough research on how organizations worldwide are accelerating time to proficiency of their workforce. Developed through five years of robust research based on in-depth interviews with 85 experts across 7 countries and based on start-to-end project cases spread over 10 economic sectors, 20 business sectors, from 50 organizations, covering 15 critical skills in over 15 different job roles. Read here more about the research. This reports enables practitioners to learn 6 best practices and 24 strategies integrated into a highly practical business model.  Submit your request here to download the report. 

Download this research-based resource on 25 hacks to speed up your learning. This PDF contains 5 goals you should set when accelerating your learning; 5 strategies you should adopt to accelerate your learning; 5 mistakes you might be making that slow you down; and 5 myths you might have been taught wrongly. 

Submit your request here to download the report. 

In this research-based resource, you will find 14 strategies for leaders and managers to design a speed-enabling eco-system to make employees proficient faster in a shorter time. You will learn 3 strategies for being a more effective, speed-enabling manager, 2 strategies to make the best use of peers, 2 strategies to leverage coaches and mentors, 2 strategies for using organizational experts, 2 strategies to employ technologies, and 3 philosophies to design a speed-focused environment.  Submit your request here to download the report. 

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