S2Pro© Research on Accelerated Professional And Organizational Proficiency

Research on Accelerated Professional & Organizational Proficiency

We focus on several aspects of a business to figure out how to improve key business metrics at several levels to enable organizations, professionals and managers to get ready for speed of business within the dynamics of modern  workplace as well as challenges of professional life. We offer well-researched models presented in practitioners’ language, which are easy to implement business strategies and practices.

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Core Research Area #1: Accelerated Workforce Proficiency

The research on accelerated workforce proficiency focuses entirely on solving business challenge of accelerating speed to proficiency of employees in a very holistic manner. Part of this research, we have developed practices, strategies, models and solutions that could reduce time to proficiency of workforce in any kind of job role in organizational settings by taking view of total proficiency ecosystem surrounding the work, worker and workplace.  Find out more about our recent research on Model of Speed To Proficiency [S2Pro©].

Read our research-based authentic articles guiding on strategies, solutions and practices to shorten time to proficiency of workforce in organizations.

Core Research Area #2: Accelerated Complex Learning

The research on accelerated complex learning focuses on accelerating proficiency of new workforce quickly acquiring complex skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making and troubleshooting skills. Part of this research, we have developed a range of frameworks and methodologies that could enable large-scale organizations, learning designers and training specialists to design/develop/deliver highly efficient technical training and complex learning programs. 

Our past research has developed two systems for two different segments of organizational learning. The System Engineering Approach to Training [SEAT©] and Proficiency-Based Training [ProBT©] approach. 

SEAT© approach is meant for accelerating highly complex learning such as product design, innovation, design thinking at large-scale complex organizations involved in complex products, infrastructure and  services that fundamentally require systems approach in every sphere of their business. 

ProBT© approach is meant for any business focusing on accelerating complex learning, in particular troubleshooting, decision making and problem solving of their workforce faster than their competitors in any business sector and in any cognitively intensive job. 

Basically focusing on developing the “thinkers”, these two total organizational learning approaches revolutionize and completely change the way organizations develop complex technical and skill training when goal is to develop proficient workforce and when critical requirement is to achieve this proficiency in complex skills at an accelerated rate. These two approaches are derived from over a decade of extensive systematic experiments driven by fundamental belief that developing and accelerating proficiency requires strategies much beyond training/learning interventions and requires a well-designed total eco-system that encapsulate the performer. 

Learn more about System Engineering Approach to Training [SEAT©] to see if it is the right approach for your technical training challenges.  Learn more about our Proficiency-Based Training [ProBT©] approach to see how it can solve your team’s complex learning challenges. 

Read our compelling articles describing time-tested strategic methodologies, frameworks and tools to accelerate learning of highly complex troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

Core Research Area #3: Accelerated Professional Performance

Our research on accelerated professional performance is concentrated on helping individuals in personal or professional settings to attain desired peak performance in a shorter time. In our research, we noted that biggest challenge to personal as well as professional performance is either lack of clarity about one’s own directions or is mismatch in personal and professional trajectories, pulling the individual in different directions. Part of this research, we have developed a range of analytic and assessment tools/templates to:

  • Analyze one’s personal and professional ecosystem within which he or she operates, 
  • Locate opportunities within that ecosystem for the best performance, 
  • Align his or her personal and professional trajectories to the extent feasible, and 
  • Create a zone of “personal” resonance

All of the above leads to a higher level of personal and professional performance at an accelerated rate. Learn more about how our Resonance© system can help you as professional to speed up your performance. 

Check out our insightful and motivating articles explaining experience-based techniques for individuals to attain peak professional performance at an accelerated rate.



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